Clearview Staff

Teacher Bios

Jessiaca Baumgartner
Jessica Baumgartner, Pre-K Special Education Teacher, 11 years teaching. I enjoy building relationships with my student's and their families. Seeing my student's eyes light up after grasping a new piece of knowledge is so rewarding. 

Nabila Hasan
Nabila Hasan, kindergarten teacher, mono, I have been teacher for 12 years within a variety of different grade levels. . I love teaching kindergarten because it allows me to witness the incredible growth and development of young minds. Each day is filled with curiosity, creativity, and joy as children explore the world around them. 

Kimbriana "Shay" Evans
Mrs. Evans, 2nd grade Mono, 1.5 years of teaching, What I enjoy most about teaching is witnessing those “aha” or "ohhh" moments when students finally grasp a concept. It is truly special. It’s a testament to their dedication to learn in the classroom.

David Arrieta Lopez
My name is David Arrieta. I am Psychologist with a master’s degree in clinical Psychology. I enjoy contributing not only to the academic development of children but also fostering their creativity and personal growth. 

Melissa Rattner with Cat
Melissa Rattner, 4th grade mono, twenty years of teaching, and I absolutely love being a teacher and being a part of each child's learning and instruction. Having a special Ed background allows me to modify curriculum for each child and getting to know all the students in my class.

Diane Barber
I am Ms. Barber and I have been a monolingual teacher for 34 years, primarily 5th grade. I was recently assigned to teach 3rd grade. As an educator, I enjoy integrating the performing arts with other subject areas.

Susan Durlacher
Susie Durlacher (Miss Susie), Social Worker, 20 years, and
I love empowering others so that they can help themselves. Kids are the coolest people on this planet and I love helping them realize their potential. Clearview is such a fun place to work because the staff that work here really love their students and it shows!

Kimberly Darling
Kimberly Darling, Pre-K, Mono, I have been teaching over 30 years in early childhood education. I love seeing the children's faces when they have learned a new concept or acquire a new skill, priceless!

Beatrice Bedolla
Maestra Bedolla, 4th grade, dual, first year teacher with 2 years subbing experience in chicago public schools, teaching brings me joy in life when each student shows genuine growth and interest in school. That is the ultimate goal for me.

Wendy Holleran
Wendy Holleran 20 plus years teaching in various positions, RISE K-2, teaching is an investment in the future, I never question the importance of going to work everyday. Teachers make a difference.

Liam Negrete McGinley
My Name is Mr. Negrete McGinley. I will be the 1st-5th grade STEM Teacher. I am excited to be part of the Clearview family this upcoming school year! I am a monolingual teacher. This is my second year of teaching. I enjoy watching students grow and achieving their goals throughout the year.

Andrea Nehlson
My name is Andrea Nehlsen, and I am a K-5 Instructional Support Teacher. I have over 20 years of teaching experience. I love to watch children unlock the magic of reading and learning. And I love that I am in a profession where I learn something new each year.

Nehemia Yec
Nehemia Yec, K-2 Gain Class, Dual Class, 7years in teaching, I enjoy the most about teaching is my students. I love interacting with them, learning from them and helping to understand their needs.

Chekaina Estoya
Chekaina Ezra Estoya - GAIN 3rd-5th - I have been teaching for nine years now. Teaching is what makes my life meaningful, especially seeing my students’ growth and reach their potentials.

Christine Labrador
Christine Joy Labrador, K-2 DL Resource, 18 years in teaching, I enjoy helping kids learn their way and inspiring them to give their best everyday.

Emmalee Bastian
My name is Emmalee Bastian and I teach the K-2 BEST classroom! I have been teaching for almost 8 years, all of which I have spent here at Clearview. I love working with students, and watching how they grow throughout the year!

Yadira Cabrera
Yadira Cabrera, 19 years teaching, Instructional Coach. What I enjoy about teaching is that the students not only learn from us but we learn from the students too.

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