Morning Community Time

Students & Staff: I am a Clearview Elementary School Student. and today I pledge to be the best possible me. No matter how good I am, I know I can do better. Today, I plan to build on the works of yesterday, which will lead me into the rewards of tomorrow. Today, I plan to feed my mind, knowledge, and my body strength. Today, I plan to pursue goals and overcome challenges. Today, I plan to believe in me. I will adhere to the code of the Clearview Hawks, and will show respect for self by taking responsibility for my behavior; Others by never interfering with learning; Areas by doing what is expected of me; and resources by using them to maximize my learning.

Principal Daniel Hill: In coming to Clearview, you know we were faced with the challenge of having alot of social-emotional behavioral issues, and as we were looking at that data we noticed that a lot of our behaviors were coming in the morning; and we're like what's going on in the morning where students are coming to school. They're nine, seven, ten years old and they're upset. They're bringing that… the weight of the world that they're carrying with them into school and it became very difficult for us to teach… teach students how to read and how to do math when they're coming in with all this extra baggage. I was working with the PBIS team about how can we deal with this challenge and help our students transition into school and basically code-switch. How to you know perform in our environment and do things in this environment that would reward them for what we're looking for. I was able to visit a high school in Chicago and they were doing this program that I thought was very beneficial that we could use in our school and it was a thing called community time and it's basically an opportunity for students to be celebrated in the morning.... to be welcomed.

Community Time Facilitator: We're so happy to see you.

Melissa Powers, 1st grade teacher: So, we decided to flip the script, and begin recognizing students every day who were following expectations. The data shows that the majority of our students are following expectations. They just weren't being recognized, so soaring student became a daily part of community time. A ritual that communicates to students that we honor you when you soar. Soar comes from our PBIS matrix, which stands for respecting self others areas and resources. Soar comes from our PBIS matrix, which stands for respecting self others areas and resources.

Asst. Principal Meredith Kramer: So, community time starts at 9:15 every single morning. The students come into the building, and they know exactly where they're supposed to go. They go to their classrooms. They drop off their backpacks and their coats and then they head straight to the gym. So, in the gym we have students from 2nd and 5th grade, and then the kindergarten and 1st graders also participate in community time; but it takes place in their classrooms.

Rosanna Ortiz, 5th grade teacher: Our Kinder and First grade teachers have 5th grade students assigned to them every school year; and at 8:55, our students arrive early to help set up the classrooms. In the Kinder and first grade classrooms.

Asst. Principal Meredith Kramer: It's really routinized in them… what they should be doing every single morning when they get here. So, it gives them the opportunity to not have any surprises. We begin with our showing some love portion of the day.

Community Time Facilitator: Your friends are happy to see you too, so let's get ready to show some love.

Asst. Principal Meredith Kramer: So, students greet each other. They greet the staff members, and it's a time for everyone to just say, "Hello, Good Morning, Hi, How are You?"

Elizabeth Holly, Kindergarten teacher: It's also a time to give the students a little pep talk. Some of our students sometimes need that little pep talk to help them start the day off on a positive note.

Principal Daniel Hill: You know, thinking about Dr. Gary Chapman's work.... where you know he talks about the various ways people receive love whether it's through physical touch… We give a handshake, hug, or high-five every day. Quality time, words of affirmation, gifts and we try to incorporate those things into our morning community time… into our ritual. so that students are feeling loved and they're able to start the day off on a positive note, and then that's going to help us and then translate over into academic success.

Rosanna Ortiz, 5th grade teacher: Since our Kinder and first grade students have community time in their classrooms, our fifth grade students help out a lot… by reading the announcements to them. They also help them by leading when they're reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Clearview Creed. We are very proud of our fifth grade monitors.

Community Time Facilitator: Quiet fingers please! I pledge allegiance to the flag...

Asst. Principal Meredith Kramer: After we do the pledge, we sit back down and we begin with the announcements. During the announcements, they range from what's going on after school to maybe there's a big event happening.

Community Time Facilitator: We have a Soaring Student today from first grade. Let's welcome Emily Laredo!

Rosanna Ortiz, 5th grade teacher: Soaring Student was created when we were trying to change our school's culture from what was historically negative. Many times students who were in trouble, or in crisis or the ones that were being recognized. or receiving the attention, and that just didn't represent the majority of our students.

Students: Teachers, please take a look at your students.

Asst. Principal Meredith Kramer: During the uniform check is when we make sure that everyone is in the proper uniform, but also give students opportunity if they did not have a uniform to get one.There are times when our students might need some uniform assistance, and we're happy to wash clothes for students, and then give them back to them at the end of the day to make sure they don't feel like they're out of place because they didn't have what they needed to start the day.

Community Time Facilitator: It's time for our Clearview Creed.

Principal Daniel Hill: The Clearview Creed... Our Creed was adopted from a poem that I read by Mychal Wynn. He had this book. It was called, "Middle School Plan for College Bound Dreams." and in that book he had a series of quotes and different positive affirmations that students can read and recite. We were looking at that and we took that poem and we modified it and made it fit and every morning before our students go to class we have them recite our Creed. Pretty much making a promise that this is what we're all about here and this is what I'm pledging to do each and every day; and it starts off by affirming who they are.

Students: I am a Clearview Elementary School Student.

Principal Daniel Hill: And, then it goes on to make various pledges about what they're going to be doing today. and then at the end, we tie it all into our PBIS system and they make a pledge that, you know as a Clearview elementary student today I will soar.

Rosanna Ortiz, 5th grade teacher: So, a student who is respecting self, others, areas, and resources has an opportunity to be a soaring student. Now the culture is shifting and students, staff, and families see that there are students who are soaring everyday.

Principal Daniel Hill: Have a good day. So, that's what we have, and that's the lifestyle that we want our students to live So, every single day we want them to say it out loud;remind them of who they are; what they're here for; and they start their day off with the right mindset.

Students & Staff: I am a Clearview Hawk, and today I will soar!

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